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<strong>‘‘Nowadays, everybody seems to be on his own because we lack structure, no uniform platform, while some are engaged in unwholesome practices because no one is checkmating them’’.

A Veteran Nigerian musician, Innocent Onyebuchi, popularly known as “Daddy Fresh,” has assured improved welfare programmes for Nigerian musicians under the Creative Industry Group (CIG).

Daddy Fresh made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos.

He said this while speaking on his vision and mission for the CIG music department.

NAN reports that CIG recently appointed Daddy Fresh as its head of the music department.

The famous Ajegunle King of music, Daddy Fresh, emerged on Nigeria’s music scene in the mid-80s with John Odafe Asiemo, popularly known as “Daddy Showkey,” Baba Fryo, among others.

At some point, the trio belonged to a group known as “DE Pretty Busy Boys” He later dropped hit songs in the ’90s, such as “Eleru gberu e,” “Faka Fiki Faka,” and “Fiji fa”, which were, unfortunately, pirated.

Daddy Fresh said that the new generation musicians still need mentorship programmes to succeed in their careers, a vision being pursued by CIG.

“Creative Industry Group (CIG) is formed to see to the welfare of all people in the business of creativity, especially the musicians. The next generation musicians need the elder’s input to (not) go astray.

“The new generation of musicians need a sense of direction because the way they are going about the business is not in the right direction.

“A home is a place of refuge; for us in CIG, strategic plans are underway as part of the mission of the group to re-invent the lost welfare programmes for the musicians,” he said.

Daddy Fresh maintained that the music industry must be united in purpose and strategies to help each other grow.

“We need a united house for us to survive. The younger ones need a sense of bearing while the elderly give tutelage and a clear understanding of their calling as a musician.

“Nowadays, everybody seems to be on his own because we lack structure, no uniform platform, while some are engaged in unwholesome practices because no one is checkmating them.

“CIG is here to put things right; we have the structure, and we are bringing in artistes, musicians, and others together to be under one formidable umbrella of support system.

“The main reason I was appointed is because of my experience; the group had checked my competence before I was called upon by the president of the group, Ambassador Felix Duke,” he said.

Daddy Fresh also noted that CIG had been segmented to allow the proper administration of groups under it with different welfare programmes.

“CIG has different groups like Nollywood, Fashion, Insurance, Music, and others, while I now head the music section with different programmes.

“We need to find a new direction because we have many talented musicians who are wasting (away) which ought not to be.

“CIG now has plans for workshops and partnerships to keep our young musicians busy so that they can begin to perform day-in-day-out in clubs, lounges, events, and other places where their services are needed.

“We are talking about constant performances to replenish their pockets until they are ripe to release their albums or singles,” he said.

Daddy Fresh also said that the older musicians were not left out of the various welfare programmes, adding that everyone needs to work together.

“For the older generation, they have paid their dues, but we still need to sit with them, to see and discuss where they are having issues. Music is evergreen, so we need to work out the grey areas where there are challenges, especially the insurance scheme against those unforeseen circumstances because musicians must be happy to make others happy.

“We also need to encourage those that are getting discouraged, especially those who have quit music. We want to encourage them to come back. Nigeria is blessed with many potentials; Grammy Award winners lack a platform to spring them to stardom. These are the issues we want to look into,” he said.


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