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By Bertrand Okeomah

I read that our CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has obtained the Nomination Form to run for the Presidency of our nation in 2023.

This is like a dog eating the bone hung on his neck.

Indeed the rumour that he wants to vie for presidency has been abroad for long.

But many of us dismissed it as empty rumour bred in the idle minds of mischief makers.

But when Emefiele resurrected his Igbo identity, we gave the rumour a wee bit of more thought.

And then he exhumed his Igbo name of Ifeanyichukwu from its grave and it splashed across the social media.
Thus the rumour mills went agog several notches higher.
Of course he was toeing a well-beaten path.

When Jonathan wanted to deceive the gullible Igbo, he took the twin Igbo names of Ebele and Azikiwe.
And the Igbo foolishly accepted him as their own.
They gave him unprecedented percentage of Igbo votes.

But today the Igbo have practically nothing to show for it after his 6-year reign.
But unlike Jonathan, Emefieli is a full-blooded Igbo man from Agbor.

But he’s like some Igbo across the Niger.
They are not sure whether they are Igbo or not.
They are like bat, the blind bird.
Bat is a confused bird.

He is not sure whether he belongs to the bird family or the mammal family.
So he is lost in a convoluted web of confusion and identity crisis.

Emefiele is like that.

But the classical case of confusion emanating from Emefiele’s bemused mind is his failure to separate his office as our apex banker and his crave for political office.

How can Emefiele be pushing to be our president while still on the saddle as our apex banker?

He still has about 2 years left in his tenure as our CBN Governor.

And now he also wants to be our president!

This is not just preposterous, it is an utter absurdity nurtured on the psychotic soil of megalomania.

By my rating, PMB has done well in changing the face of infrastructure in Nigeria.

He has no parallel in this area in our recent history.

But there are areas he’s not done very well.

And one of them is in managing our economy.

And I’ve always situated PMB’s failure in this regard on the actions and inactions of Emefiele.

The most evident proof of this can be seen in the exchange rate of the Naira to other currencies.

For instance, when Emefiele took over in June 2014, about 160 Naira exchanged for 1 Dollar.

But before our very eyes, and under his inept and perhaps corrupt watch, the Naira exchange rate plummeted to over 550 Naira to 1 Dollar.

That is about 300% devaluation.

I once called on PMB to sack him in one of my fb posts.

Of course he did not.

And now with his perfidious act of vying for our Presidency, does it not leave one suspicious of his ways?

Does it not make one wonder if he hadn’t used his position to feather his own nest?

Does it not make one wonder if he hadn’t used his sensitive position to prepare himself for this indecent ambition?

Surely his ambition for presidency must have informed the way he ran our CBN.

And of course that should not have been in the best interest of Nigerians!

It surely has been in his own best interest and the best interest of those he thinks will help him achieve his goal.

Emefiele should be held responsible for the damage done to our economy since he became our CBN Governor.

So he shouldn’t be allowed to spend one more day on that hallowed seat.

He has the right to vie for presidency. But he should be probed.

And PMB should sack him now!

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