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By Mary Abazuo

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed on Thursday that she had been receiving death threats since 2020 as as romantic result of her affiliations with a perfume brand.
The actress who apologised on social media to investors who have had losses from the brand stated that she was also a victim of it.

Tonto took to her Instagram account to post a picture of the brand as she announced the end of her ambassadorship with the company.
She wrote, “This is a disclaimer and a long overdue apology to all the victims of Wale Jana and his brand.
“I would like to state that I, King Tonto Dikeh, have no affiliation with Wale Jana or his perfume brand any longer.

“I have since 2020 been receiving death threats, complaints and calls about various investments. I am also a victim but I will bring my pride down and say I am sorry for all that has gone wrong.
“One thing you all can’t deny is how I decently/gracefully handle your calls and pacified you to have patience.
“I am, however, very aware that over 99.9 percent of their/his investors came from me being their brand ambassador and I am so sorry for this.

“When we get into a contract with a brand, I normally do my background checks properly but I believe I failed here. I sincerely wish everyone well and hope you all recover from your losses!

“Again, I am indeed sorry. I will work tirelessly with the right authorities to ensure you all get justice( money back).

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