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Without doubt, He is one of the strongest politicians in Nigeria. Atiku is everything you may want to define Nigeria. He understands Nigerian politics and can play the money politics if the need arises.

Without mincing words, it will be easier for a camel to pass through the head of a needle than for Atiku to fail to emerge PDP candidate. Technically saying, we know he will emerge in PDP.

Who is Atiku? He claims he is the largest private sector employer in Nigeria, although Dangote, CCECC and Julius Berger are all claiming to be highest employer of labor too.

Some call him a serial Presidential Candidate. He contested first in 1993 with Abiola under SDP, he tried again in 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019. At some point he even changed parties but still failed. The question is this, why has Presidency eluded Atiku all these years. Recently, putting him into consideration, the PDP leadership failed to zone the presidency. Atiku has become an institution. But is he the messiah to take us to the promised land?

He spent 20 years in customs, owns large farms, real estate, a university and co owner of intels one of the largest shipping logistics firms in Nigeria. Atiku cannot be said to be a man who wants political power because he wants to be rich. At his age he has seen all. But again, can he be the messiah we are waiting for?

Emeka my good friend here in Atlanta tells me Atiku will be the first Ndi Igbo president. He tells me Atiku is more Igbo than most ethnic Igbo people, and that one of his wives is of Igbo ethnic group, although on that I have no opinion.

He was Nigeria’s Vice President for eight years, he chaired Privatization programs under Obasanjo. However Obasanjo failed to hand over to him. What does Obasanjo know about Atiku that the rest of us do not know?

He is a shrewd businessman. He is one of the few Nigerian politicians who understand business. At a time when most of our political elites are busy building failed projects, can we say it is time we handover the collective destinies of 200 million Nigerians to this businessman?

Can this detribalized Nigerian be the solution to Nigeria’s disunity? Is it true that he has the capacity to run Nigeria as a business and can we say he is the best person to hold our treasury at this time?

Let’s hear your opinion.

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