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“I want to thank the NFF for their support all through our invitational tournaments right from Turkey to US and many others and now in Canada,” Ebi said in a video published on the Super Falcons Twitter handle.

Supper Falcons of Nigeria

“I’d say it’s really helping the team, it’s helping the new players to blend with the old players and it will help us go really far if we keep on doing this.

“I believe they will keep on doing this for us because they promise us we are going to play as many matches and international matches not just Africa just like we are playing Canada. So I think with this kind of competition that they’ve promised us and they are fulfilling their promises it will take us really far.

“And I want to thank them and appreciate them and I will still urge them not to stop because we need more of this and with more of this we will go far. If we have more of this kind of friendlies, I believe there’s nothing God cannot do and I believe in God because I’m a Christian, we can win the World Cup, first, second, third give it to us I’m aiming towards that.

“By the grace of God if I make my past World Cup, I’m saying my last World Cup because I don’t know what God would do, but in my last World Cup we might go first, second, third and I trust my girls.

“Thank you NFF we appreciate you but don’t stop, keep making us happy and we will make you and ourselves proud.”

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