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“One thing I have learned from Igbo people is their boldness and courage in speaking truth to their leaders. In all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria, it is only an Igbo man who doesn’t fear those they sent to represent them.

“Check all the tribes in Nigeria aside Ndi Igbo how they pamper their political elites who have impoverished their lives and mortgage their destiny, yet they still follow and support them blindly while crying on daily basis and dying in poverty.

“It will be hard for you to see a Yoruba man or an Hausa man condemning their leaders whom they know are not doing well. That is the last thing an Igboman can do. Igbos are not lazy, they don’t depend on their political leaders for survival that is while in Nigeria today, it is only an Igboman who will come out boldly and challenge his leaders for not doing well.

“Other tribes are either hypnotized with religion sentiments or afraid to do so. All the Five Governors in Igboland, I’m sure you’ve seen how IPOB and other Igbos are challenging them openly and calling them out due to their poor performances. Tell me who can do that in Yoruba or Hausa land. They are not calling them out for bad but for them to sit up and do the needful.

“These people see ahead of others in this country because they are the ones holding the economy of this country today. Without this people, there will be no nation called Nigeria today. They are bold, hardworking, courageous and smarter than any tribe in Nigeria. Give an Igbo man twenty thousand Naira today, within one month, he will turn it into hundreds of thousands. These people are gifted and I want every tribe in Nigeria to emulate them.

“Aside those being sponsored by the Nigerian government to boost their businesses, i can tell you despite the fact that Igbos doesn’t make their money through politics, i have not seen any tribe in Nigeria that has money like the Igbo people. Almost all their politicians are businessmen before they joined politics unlike what we have in other tribes where someone a Senior school certificate holder with no business ideas will venture into politics and start stealing money in billions.

“Peter Obi is a living testimony of all i have just said. Nigerians should give these people just a chance, i assure you, Nigeria will definitely become the giant of Africa in reality not just in words.”

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