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Heavily pregnant woman has dedicated herself and her unborn child to the support of Mr Peter Obi presidential ambition to show love and support for the southeastern part of the country.

Expectant Nnenna Okparaocha is using this to send a message to southeastern delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP to unite and show other regions that they can Unite, Love and support one another in the cause of realizing the Nigerian president of southEast extraction and not only that that Mr Peter Gregory Obi is competent enough to clinch the number one political seat of the nation.

In her words:
Dear SOUTHEAST PDP delegates,

Nnenna Oparaocha

Ever since Peter Obi, a PDP leading presidential aspirant started his tour, the spirit of one Nigeria became resurrected. Obi who is from Anambra state, which is in the very zone Nigerians are clamouring to produce the next president has been touring the country telling Nigerians what he will do if elected–an issue-based campaign.
I don’t know what is happening or what happened, but, his campaign seems to have dwarfed that of the other aspirants.

I had said earlier that PDP by throwing its presidential ticket open is not being fair to the SE. But let’s say they want to deceive the APC as the broom party has been waiting to know where the umbrella party will zone their presidential ticket…
Nonetheless, the PDP Southeast delegates have to deliver Peter Obi. I am not arrogant about it, so I shall explain why:

1. We will not prove to those who say that SE can never come together to achieve one political goal that they have been right all along.

2. PDP believes that even if they don’t pick a candidate from the Igbo extraction, they have nothing to lose.

3. By giving Obi a bloc vote we will be making a strong political statement.

4. “The boy calls you father, do not have a hand in his death”
The villagers knew that Ikemefuna would die. The thing is, Okonkwo should not have had a hand in his death.
Ikemefuna was young and could have outrun the elderly men. Instead, he turned toward Okonkwo whom he trusted would not hurt him. But, Okonkwo, to show that he was still Okonkwo the great killed the boy that calls him father, whom he loved dearly in return. His life never remained the same. There are some lines one should not cross. Even if people will call you weak or stupid.
Don’t show us that you are a typical Nigerian politician, show us that you can protect our collective interest as a people. Even if delegates from other zones chose to vote against Peter Obi, do not be part of it. Please deliver Okwute. Do your part and let the universe take it from there.
Nigerians across the country–ethnicity, religion and even political parties, said it is the turn of the Igbos from the SE to produce the next president, the name Peter Obi has been ringing loudly across the nation. If you deliver Peter, he will win the main election. Whatever happens, let it not be said or heard that the Southeast delegates did not vote for nwanne ha. It will be a thing of shame and ridicule and will affect your own political career. Izu kakwa mma na nneji.

5. Most importantly, Mr Peter Gregory Obi, is competent.

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