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_Dear Dr Reuben Abati PhD

_This your sanctimonious treatise is what the likes of the great Chuba Okadigbo would aptly discharge as the rantings of an *(inordinately envious and obsessively jealous*) ant_

_The great Chimamanda Adichie will also dismiss it as a single story, not because it is false, but because it is incomplete, and does not tell the complete story_

_Me, I would call it ABSOLUTE BALDERDASH_

_I don’t blame you however_

_I blame the stray Igbos that depend on Igbophobic strangers like you and sundry outsiders to tell Igbo stories_

_*Most importantly, I blame the Igbos like my good and erudite friend who posted this your nonsensical write up, who help the likes of Igbo hating minions and Igbophobic elements like you to spread and circulate false, skewed, warped, and stereotyped single narratives about the Igbo*_

_Check out how you went the memory lane to eulogise the funeral culture of the Hausas and the Yorubas without correspondingly giving an insight into the Igbo funeral culture_

_Check out your great elocution of Aig Imokhuedes mum as a *great and eminently known* woman in comparison to your warped description of Cubana’s deceased mum as a near *nonentity, unknown and faceless* being_

_Check out your cool citation of the Aig Imokhuedes crowd as the power elite and captains of industry as against your general categorisation of Cubanas crowd as charlatans, thieves, and aliens deserving of the attention of the Immigration and the financial authorities_

_Check out your hate ridden interrogation of Cubanas source of wealth while giving a pass mark to rogue bankers like Aig Imokhuede who looted depositors funds dry until Soludo and Sanusi wielded the big stick_

_Dr Abati, are you truly the one talking about collapse of values – you, Abati of all people._

_Abati, you jumped ship from activism in preference to the filthy lucre of the Corruption ridden Goodluck Jonathan Presidency, yet you are pontificating on loss of values_

_What could be a better description of COLLAPSE OF VALUES than President Jonathan’s popular acclaim that *STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION* which you, Abati, defended with all your might and blood as the SA Media to the President_

_Abati, in your own words, *Money is a devil. It turns the most enlightened into clowns*_

_And I totally agree with you because you are a living proof of his theory. Here is why._

_After writing an epic, though scathing article titled *THE BOLEKAJA PRESIDENCY,* against GEJ during his tenure, the devil called money was thrown at you by the Presidency, and you were turned into a clown for Jonathan where you defended the highest levels of Corruption unprecedented in Nigeria political history, yet you are talking about loss of value_

_Abati, ever since you came back from that filthy lucre induced inglorious outing at Aso Rock, you’ve been struggling to find a voice among the progressives who now treat you as a leper_

_Abati, you lack the rationale to pontificate on values having sacrificed same, if ever you had one, on the alter of filthy lucre_

_Abati, your Yoruba kith and kin from Ijebu close Lagos streets every weekend in celebration of 2nd and 3rd burials of paupers deceased long before the celebrants were born_

_They also throw and spray money in such parties. The thin line between them and Cubana is that the Cubanas threw more money in Oba than your Yoruba brothers usually do simply because they have more_

_Dr Reuben Abati, you are even lucky i wasn’t part of the Cubana crowd of money throwers. Otherwise I would have started my spraying show from *Upper Iweka in Onitsha down to Oba atop a helicopter* in order to rub it in on Pathological Igbo haters like you and your fathers who gifted *my great father, Elder Evarist Muoneke* only £20 out of his humongous positive bank balances in 1970 after the war_


_*Reuben Akpati* (coffin, quite different from casket), kindly eschew your unfounded envy of the Igbo and go look for money to *rebury your mum the CUBANA style*_

_My opinion though_

_Muoneke Ndubueze Evarist_

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