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Prince Adewole Adebayo, a presidential hopeful on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has said that from the creation of Nigeria, the country has always had potentials to be among the leading countries of the world but due to bad leadership the country has continued to craw till now.

The youthful presidential aspirant said since he was born, Nigeria’s potential has continued to stare us in the face and now he’s 50 years those potentials have remained undeveloped and if people does not come for president the day he will Nigeria will continue to have potentials.

Speaking at a book launch in Abuja on Tuesday where he was a keynote speaker, Adewole informed the audience that security agents and the government of the day were not willing to end the operations of bandits and Boko Haram in the country.

He also said that the number of politicians in country are not up to 200, insisting that the rest are armed robbers who speak political languages to remain in power to steal and render the country underdeveloped.

According to the presidential hopeful, ministers, members of the National Assembly and most civil servants in the country are not good people, adding that a good person would not steal over N140 billion from the country’s coffers, alluding to the Accountant-General of the Federation.

In his words he said “the President can stop Bokoharam within two weeks, if he does not want One Chance in Abuja, there’ll be no One Chance. If security agencies say they don’t want bandits, and want them eradicated in 7 days, they’ll eradicate them in seven days. But they’ve rented the country out to them.

“Our ministers, National Assembly members and civil servants are not good people. Look at the way they behave. Good people don’t steal N140b. Good people don’t steal N1 at all. Good people are not ministers who want to contest for President but refuse to resign.

“The number of politicians in Nigeria cannot be up to 200. The rest are armed robbers speaking political language. Nigeria doesn’t have many politicians.

“In an atmosphere of governmental orphanage, those who are responsible for the affairs of the government, for proper governance, absconded from their duties, so Nigerians are like children of a wealthy family who lost their parent and their caretakers are looting the resources without taking care of the beneficiaries or a company that is under a hostile takeover.

“So what I am saying to the Nigeria youths is that it is not enough to be angry, it is not enough to complain, you must take ownership. Because those who are in government, those who came before them and those who are planning to come now are planning to come and loot your resources. The earlier you wake up and do three things the better for you.

Using himself as an example “You must find a solution to your problems by yourself.
“Nigeria’s productivity is a choice, you must act collectively to be productive”.

“You must take control of the politics and put people who can think and are energetic and responsible and stop complaining to them. 2023 is an opportunity to do so.

“That is why I’m preaching to young people to stop complaining to the government and be the government. That is how you take control like an orphan who becomes prematurely mature and takes control of his own future.” he added

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