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By Nwa Oke Eze

With less than a week to the all-important general election that will determine the President of the Federal Republic, Senators and House of Representatives members not just in Edda but across the country, after going through some unprecedented circumstances birthed by unforeseen and misplaced civic exercise that took place 8 and 4 years ago respectively. Nde Edda, our collective decision come February 25th 2023 will as well determine how we will fare politically as a people. 

Consequently, last eight years has unveiled to us trust folded in deceit, promises denied moment after bearing the holy books, a future presently praying to pass,  mandates parceled with no benefits and opportunities.

All these we have seen in the last 8 years, prominent among them are tarred roads with few users, gigantic buildings will hunger beaten habitants, working with meager pay cheques.

In all of these is there hope? YES! great and resounding hope embedded once again in our decent and careful choice of who goes for us to Abuja in 2023.

Is it not Thich Nhat Hang who said that? Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” 

Indeed, our home has experienced unequivocal, unmistakable and matchless development devoid of trace to a political party’s hook or affiliation. Obviously it will be a misplaced accolade to attribute the development strides of Ebonyi State through His Excellency, Eng. Dave Nweze Umahi to his parties of affiliation. Indeed Umahi has done us proud and posterity has that recorded for eternity. 

In Edda do we have a senator? YES! What do we have to show for it? NOTHING!

Senator Michael Ama Nnachi, trying to convince the gullible has released pictorial evidence of what he did in his four years as the senator representing Ebonyi South senatorial zone, covering 5 local governments in the state.

If truly pictures speak, it’s epic, isn’t it? My people what a sham and shameless display of incapability and monumental failure of a man who had so much opportunity to deliver quality and quantity but ended up at nothing.

The acceptability of the quality of his four years representation at the hollowed chamber of the Senate will be perceived and interpreted by constituents and watchers like clock which ticks at different locations and homes. 

To some it’s wow, while some it’s a fluke while a few who understand how either by research, association or mere acquaintance will not only debunk the carcass projects but define his four years sojourn at the Senate as a mere deceit, especially to a man who takes home a minimum of #13,000,000 monthly and a fixed N200,000,000 for constituency project every year.

Apart from other “eka azu” that goes with the Nigerian Politics especially at the hallowed chamber, under President BUHARI  who has been famous with controversial tendencies and policies that warrant National Assembly to always be appealed to and induced by lobbying in order to have his way.

Therefore, for 8 years, can we go round the zone and find anything within the bracket of #400M out of our #800M constituency project? That journey will further unveil the mirage of his scanty presence.

But did my senator forget anything? Yes, he forgot that power is ephemeral, he did not remember that he was voted for, therefore that gesture in 2019 must be accounted for and the proper accountability will determine a next turn.

As a senator, the windows of opportunities available to you is as limited as your networking strength, human relationship and management, outspokenness and above all your love for your constituents which is shown in the relationship you share with them from home to abroad, how much more for one who serves as vice senate committee chairman Air Force, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation. What an ample opportunity wasted for four years?

Senator Ama without mincing words is an absolute failure who deserves no place in the Political space, rather in the ceremonial retirement to oblivion as a mark of failure, negligence and hatred for his people and community.

May I buttress the point of endless opportunities embedded in the prestigious office of a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Beyond structures, water scheme even at Ofoyi Owutu not minding the natural water made available to the people by heaven, provision of sewing machines, Motor bikes to Youths without finding out if that’s the best for them for us at the moment.

An average legislature in the Federal Republic of Nigeria is seating on an ocean of opportunities. You need mere interest to attract some human developmental benefits like trainings and empowerments to your constituents.

Ama Nnachi, someone who has headed committees like Air Force and Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, what can we say about people in those areas, Nde Edda if we continue like this how then do we develop with the copious graduates who grace our streets every year.

No wonder in one of the occasions he gave a young man a motor bike (Okada) as an empowerment, the young man out of anger and perceived degradation retorted by asking the emissaries, is it Okada Michael Ama Nnachi’s family members are riding? What an outburst to a man with such inhumane considerations?   

If you have followed these senators; Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu, the senator represent Abia North and Sen. Abba Moro of Benue South senatorial zone of Abia State and Benue state who are first timers just as our distinguished Sen. Michael Ama Nnachi to mention but a few.

Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu, within four years has transformed his zone among other projects renovated 103 schools, 101 Health centers, 700 youths on scholarships, 20 Youths on scholarship to study Medicine and surgery, trained 700 Youths on cinematography with Cannon Cameras and brand new Laptops as a take-off.

Meanwhile, Senator Abba Moro from neighboring Benue South, who is known as Mr job creator representing 9 out of 23 Local Governments of the state as the “food basket of the nation” has done these verifiable projects within four years: built and completed 21 Health Centers, 34 Class rooms, 21 bridges of different sizes, 23 roads of different sizes, helped Benue Youths secured management and agency jobs, accessed Agricultural and social intervention funds, several scholarships and lots more.

Abba Moro, apart from all that are mentioned above has about 10 aids who erk a living from him just as a senator. He is a promoter of major social and cultural events that happen in Benue South comprising Idoma, Igede and Igbo ethnic nationalities.

Some of these opportunities are not as scarce as the newly redesigned Naira notes, No! you only need the love that is inspired by the vision driven by passion to deliver compassion through service.

In Senator Ama Nnachi, Edda has experienced so much opportunity loss and neglect yet we have a senator.  He accessed these opportunities but he handed them over to not only strangers but none indigenous to our senatorial zone.

Infact known for his sexual vices, facts are obvious that our dividend quota may have been used to massage his coital exuberance. 

Therefore, he should be answering questions surrounding his service to our people and not going about in the name of campaigns.

No serious politician, starts project during campaign, like the one he did in Ekoli, starting and delivering six class rooms within 3 weeks, what a magic?

Why now, what have you been doing for three years?

Why some of us see that as an act of deceit pressured by desperation we also know it’s a confirmed sign of failure, ingratitude and negligence.

Among the collected pictures as displayed online, none captured a list of youths who secured jobs in any of the ministries or agencies.

Even as a Chairman House Committee at the Senate, can he tell or show us Nde Edda who got recruited into any of the security agencies or ministries including those he co-chaired. No known name and if there’s any they’re all not from our senatorial zone just like those who are working in his office working as aids who are all from another state.

What has Nde Edda in Abuja to say about their senator? To be more candid to a fault is how sordid their remarks about a supposed pride trail.

Four years ago just about this time Michael Ama Nnachi visited Nzuko Edda Union, in one their meetings in Abuja, seeking for support to be voted for as a senator representing their zone, told the audience the he was going to help the organization secure permanent meeting venue for their meetings to stop yearly rent and constant relocation of their meetings due to accommodation challenges.

Wow, what a thoughtful son of the soil? Did Edda vote for him? Yes! Did he win? Yes!

Four years after, that promise has been swallowed by the pit of his numerous unfulfilled political promises.

By God’s grace, an illustrious son of Edda who plies his trade outside Politics has clean our (Nzuko Edda) tears with suitable and befitting 2 Hectares of land at a strategic highbrow of Abuja, property worth over #250M, yet Michael Ama Nnachi is still campaigning to represent only God knows who and where.

Moreso, despite our cultural endowment, the only event Ama Nnachi brought to Edda were the burials of his late parents which had almost all the senators in attendance at different times.

To make the matters worse, his uncle Ama Omaka, whose roof was affected by the fan blade of one of the Choppers conveying his visitors who attended one of the funeral services, is yet to be repaired by Sen. Ama Nnachi.

Ama Omaka is the man who trained Senator Ama Nnachi in school as a nephew, managing his excessive vices as a young man yet Ama Omaka’s graduates are without jobs even with their father’s investment in the Edda celebrated Senator.

Nde Edda Egbebu, Senator Michael Ama Nnachi deserves retirement and not re-election bid as he’s going about because, Edda cannot continue like this beyond May 29, 2023.

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He described the alleged report published by an online newspaper as “pretty pathetic”, adding: “Since their ownership is politically partisan in today’s politics, in fact a loser in the presidential election. Instead of talking about issues, they repeatedly sell lies in the hope that people believe them as truth.

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Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo State, has raised the retirement age for teachers in Edo State to 65 or 40 years of service. This is part of his plan to improve the welfare of workers.

Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo State, has raised the retirement age for teachers in Edo State to 65 or 40 years of service. This is part of his plan to improve the welfare of workers.

Anthony Okungbowa, the state’s Head of Service, said this in a statement. He said that the governor’s approval shows that he is still committed to building a solid foundation for repositioning the education sector in the state.

He said: “Mr Governor has approved a new retirement age for teachers in Edo State. They will now retire when they clock 65 or 40 years of service, whichever is earlier.

“This is in demonstration of his commitment to ensuring that Edo teachers are the best motivated in Nigeria. It is important to remind Edo people that Edo teachers are the best-paid teachers and Edo workers are the best-paid workers in any public service in Nigeria.”

He said that the transition would ensure that teachers with decades of experience would keep their jobs and continue to help Edo students get a good education.

“This is another big win for Edo workers. The governor has continued to show that he will always place the interest of Edo workers above all else. Today, this is another testimony to that fact.”

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