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By: Henry Lodam

Please bare your mind. We have never had it this bad since after the civil war. Was Nigeria meant to be in the first place? Will we ever be united? Or could a referendum be the solution? Will this hating ethnicities ever come to love each other and agree from the thick Islamic North to the Cultural South, from the Mountains other Mambilla to the Creeks in the Niger Delta… Will there ever be a One Nigeria? Are we fooling ourselves? Can a Fulani good and competent Politician ever be Governor of Enugu? Can an Owerre Origin be Governor in Kano? Is this current arrangement working for all Or favoring a few politicians?

What are your thoughts?What is the way forward? Speak your mind. Speak up! Bare your church mind.

Imagine a Northern Islamic Republic where my brothers from the other religion are free to install Islam as a state religion and they are happy (Allahu akbar)… Where no one can dress like an infidel and where they don’t have to nurture any future agenda of islamizing anything. They have a strong muslim nation with a Sheik as president or should we say, the Sultan of Sokoto (Sarkin Musulmin Nijeria) and they have a Saudi-like Constitution lifted from the Quran and once that call to prayer sounds, everyone everywhere comes out and bows to Allah… What a beautiful nation it would be for them. There would be Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri etc but all will be muslims…I guess they will revive the groundnut pyramids.

On the Other hand, imagine an Oduduwa nation that is a mixture of Musims and Christians but of Yoruba Descent. A peaceful and progressive people. An academic giant and a nation wrapped in intellectual prowess,…a wealthy Yoruba Nation… Doing business with the rest.

Imagine a Manufacturing rich Biafra… A nation with an Igbo President and an Efik vice president… An oil rich giant of Africa that also serves as West Africa’s biggest Market. Imagine the fellowship, imagine the community…imagine the security. Imagine the peace. Imagine a Midwest Republic made up of Middle belt states of many tribes… A confluence country with inland ports, farms and great markets… imagine it, could this be it?

Map Of Nigeria

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