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By Mary Abazuo

Many petrol filling stations in different parts of Nigeria were shut down on Monday as a result of queues in the stations in places like Abuja, Lagos and other states.

While it was learnt that many fuel sellers are unsure of the solution especially as the Federal Government had pledged to put an end to the subsidy by 2022, the National President, NARTO, Yusuf Othman, said in Abuja on Monday that “our people have parked their trucks and more people are going to park (theirs).”

The National President, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Chief Ukadike Chinedu who stated that the fear over subsidy had resislded in the minds of many, including private depot owners and retailers, said, “I’ve explained to you that DPOs are studying the situation around subsidy, since the government has been making various statements on this matter and this has its way of affecting the market,” he told our correspondent.

“They (government) said they want to fully deregulate. That statement and similar ones which some ministers made that by 2022 we are going to start full deregulation, made some PDOs decide to hoard or withhold their products.

“They (PDOs) are doing this to be able to match up with the cost of petrol when it rises above N300/litre upon full deregulation. Now, this became a bottleneck in terms of the chain of demand and supply.

“So people who were taking petroleum products out of Lagos from the PDOs stopped a little bit to be able to look at the market value and their cost of logistics.”

“That was what put a gap in the chain of distribution that led to the appearing and disappearing queues in many parts of Abuja and the north, as well as in some other locations of Nigeria,” Ukadike annexed.

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