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In Aba Abia State, one Chidiebere Njoku has been detained by the directive of Hon. Kennedy Azubuike Njoku member representing Osisioma Ngwa North State Constituency

According to Chidiebere his phone line has been hacked only God knows how and by who until he arrived at the Aba Osisioma police station where he was accused of Criminal defamation of character by member representing his state constituency, on trying to deny that such a conversation never took place knowing such wouldn’t have leaked by his correspondence by name Christian Kamalu who is a serving local government chairman Osisoma Ngwa LGA, due to his relationship and personality. He was presented with a private WhatsApp chat and he was shocked altogether.

Chidiebere’s story;


On the 20th of April 2022 I got a call from the the DPO of osisioma police station, 6pm that day while I was in UMUAHIA. He said he wanted to see me in his office the next morning.
By 9am I was in his office, I called him back but he wasn’t around, he asked me to meet the CRO, which I did and the CRO said he asked him to detain me till he comes, I was taken behind the counter, asked to remove my shoes and submit my belongings.

Later around 10am he came back to work and asked them to bring me to his office with a woman police officer.
He said I have been making facebook posts against Hon Kennedy njoku, accusing him of giving a 30 million naira bribe to the LGA chairman Hon christian kamalu.
I told him it wasn’t true, he now brought out a whatsapp chat and showed me, he also read it out to the hearing of the police officer who now became my IPO.

On 20th of April 2022, I had a private messenger chat with Hon. Christian Kamalu the executive chairman of osisioma ngwa LGA, Hon. Cristian Kamalu is someone I call boss and he calls me son, that’s how close we are. Or so I thought.

I told him that there has been a rumour going around, The rumor says that Bishop Kennedy Njoku who is my state house of assembly member paid him (Hon Kamalu) and Hon Udo the sum of 30m to help deliver him in the forth coming primary election.

Note that I did not believe this rumour. I had defended “My Boss” everywhere I heard it and told people that Kamalu would never do such a thing. So on this day I chatted “My Boss”. I told him, Kamalu, that I want to make a radio announcement to tell people that this rumor is not true. Remember I was having this chat with a clear conscience as someone close to me who I am concerned about his name that is being dragged.
He told me he hadn’t heard about this and that he will get to the root of this rumor, I said ok.

When the DPO read this chat now from his whatsapp, I was shocked,
I noted that what he had or read was only the massages I sent and none of the responses was in what he had.
The DPO told me to write my statement which I did and the DPO left saying he was coming back. I stayed in the counter all day waiting for the DPO to return, but he didn’t.
I remained in detention all day and that’s how I slept in the cell that Thursday.

On Friday 22nd April 2022, I was brought out of the cell Mid day when Hon Bishop kennedy Njoku came to the DPO’s office.
He started narrating how I ran an election against in 2019 and made him loose votes in my place, he said I will be detained in the police station till Tuesday and will be taken to court and remanded in prison, that he will show me how powerful he is.
I was taken back to the police cell.
Later at night, I was released that same Friday.

On Tuesday,the DPO said I should come with a someone to sign the bail bond for me, I went with someone only for me to be served this arraignment notice. He said I was being sued for Criminal Defamation of character.
All of you here can bear witness that I never made a post about Kennedy Njoku giving Kamalu 30million naira.

I was sued for my private chat with someone I trusted. How’s that Defamation of Character?
Please note that the police didn’t show me the petition against me if there was any, and I spent 35 hours at the police net.

On the arraignment notice bishop Kennedy Njoku is the complainant.
Yesterday being the 10th of may 2022, I was arraigned at the magistrate court, I was granted bail and case was adjourned.
For those of you asking about this matter, this is exactly what happened and what I know.
For the first time in my life I slept in a police cell for not commiting any crime. For the first time in my life, I stood in court courtesy of Hon Bishop kennedy njoku,
First I was unlawfully detained, then I was sued.

Make una dey count am.
What was my crime? Not supporting a selfish third term bid.


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