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Most of us are still struggling to fully grasp the concept of friends with benefits and we obviously didn’t expect the dating scene to get more complicated than that but apparently, it can and it already has. The millennials have coined something else called a “situationship” and it’s even more confusing than friends with benefits.

If you are not a millennial, you may not have heard of this term yet, but just because you’ve not heard about it doesn’t mean that you are not in one.

Here is everything you need to know about situation, from what it means, the difference between situationships and relationships, situationships and friends with benefits, as well as the red flags in situationships that you should watch out for.

What Is A Situationship?

A situationship can loosely be defined as a romantic relationship that is undefined or not labelled. It’s where two people are more than friends and are even physically intimate but are not really in a committed relationship and they don’t impose any expectations on each other.

Situationships can be short-term or long-term and although it mostly stems from a fear of commitment, some people might choose to be in a situationship out of a desire for emotional or physical intimacy without the expectation and obligations of a traditional relationship. 

Situationship Vs Relationship.

While both situationships and relationships involve romantic and sexual partnerships, the key distinction is the level of commitment and clarity in the partnership. 

Relationships are typically more serious and involve a commitment to each other, whereas situationships are more casual, ambiguous and lack a clear direction of where they’re headed.

Situationship Vs Friends With Benefits.

Both situationships and friends with benefits are casual relationships and although it can be hard to distinguish between the two terms, they are not the same thing.

While situationships can involve physical and emotional attachment without commitment or clarity, friends with benefits on the other hand are strictly physical relationships without emotional attachments. 

Situationship Red Flags.

While every relationship is unique and what is considered a red flag varies for different people, situationships can be quite challenging in particular, given that it’s usually not a balanced relationship where both people are on the same page.

Here are a few common red flags in situationships that you might want to watch out for if you are in a situationship but don’t want to be stuck in one.

1. Avoidance Of Labels.

One of the key features of a situationship is that the nature of the relationship is not well defined and while you are more than friends, you can’t really say that you are dating.

If you’ve been going out for several months now but your partner still avoids talking about your relationship status every time you bring it up, it could be a sign that he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you. This can be a red flag if you are looking for a real relationship.

2. Your Partner Is Not Exclusive With You.

Since situationships are not clearly defined, it’s common for partners to be engaged in relationships with other people. 

If you’ve cut ties with other potential dates and are ready to fully commit to your relationship but your partner is dating other people, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your relationship.

3. No Consistency In The Relationship.

Another sign that you might be in a situationship is if your relationship lacks the consistency that real relationships have and you and your partner are on and off all the time.

Do you sometimes talk all the time and even regularly meet then out of nowhere you ghost each other for three weeks? You are probably in a situationship and if you don’t want to be in one, then you should start packing.

4. No Plans For The Future.

The thing with most situationships is that they’re usually all about living for the present without much stress about where you two are headed.

If you are at a point where you want a long-term relationship but your partner is not ready to make future plans with you, he probably doesn’t see a future with you and is comfortable with your current situation for as long as it lasts and he’s unlikely to change his opinion.

Another red flag that could indicate that your partner is not looking for a long-term relationship with you is if he is always making last-minute plans with you. This could mean that he is only treating you as a last option when he doesn’t have anything else to do.

5. Unbalanced Effort.

Most situationships are one-sided and in most cases, one partner is often more invested in the relationship than the other partner.

If you feel like you are doing all the work to maintain the and your partner is not making enough effort, it can be a sign that the relationship is not balanced and it’s an unhealthy relationship.

Rules Of A Situationship.

If you find yourself in a situationship and want to make the best out of it, here are a few rules that can help you enjoy your situationship without getting hurt.

  • Keep your feelings in check and try not to fall hard.
  • Set up and observe boundaries. Decide what you can do and what you can’t with your partner.
  • Keep it light and avoid becoming too invested.
  • Keep your options open and always evaluate your situationship.
  • Don’t forget that it’s a temporary situation.

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The winners will be flown in and paired with knowledgeable trainers to help them develop a balanced lifestyle that fosters “happiness the Finnish way.”

Six-time world’s happiest country Finland is opening up the world’s first masterclass on happiness to “find your inner fin.”

The Nordic country is offering free global trips to 10 people to take part in its four-day master class on happiness, which will be held in the Finnish Lakeland region from June 12 to 15, 2023, at Kuru Resort.

Hosted by visit Finland, participants will not have to pay a dime, while people who do not qualify can participate in a free masterclass available online later this summer.

The Finns believe Finnish happiness is a skill that can be taught, and citizens from all countries are welcome to apply until April 2, 2023. 

The two-phase application includes filling out a sign-up form and completing the social media challenge.

The winners will be flown in and paired with knowledgeable trainers to help them develop a balanced lifestyle that fosters “happiness the Finnish way.” 

Winners will learn about themes such as nature crafts, food for the soul and body, exercise in forests and lakes, calming sounds and music and the Finnish way of life.

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“Their Babalawos are well grounded in the teachings of Ifa and can render the Odu-Ifa and its panegyrics like our Ifa priests do in Nigeria”.

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ọjájá II), has proclaimed the Brazilian city Quilombola a Yoruba territory

It means Quilombola is the first city outside Africa to receive a certificate of Yoruba territory.

The monarch delivered the title in recognition of Quilombola territory in Brazil on Sunday, the 19th of March.

The epoch-making ceremony took place in the Quingoma community, in Lauro de Freitas, in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, Brazil

The move, he said, is geared towards bridging the gap between the Yoruba race and the rest of the world.

They will achieve this through cultural integration and globalising Yoruba culture across the shores of Nigeria.

The Ooni, who arrived in Bahia, Brazil, with his Nigerian entourage, was welcomed by an orchestra of Atabaques (Afro-Brazilian hand drum) and Berimbaus (musical bow)

Cultural preservation

Delivering his address, the Ooni said the rich and robust history of the Brazilians and the Yoruba people dates back immemorial.

He said the development would not only strengthen cultural preservation but also give Brazilians a sense of belonging and boost the Yoruba heritage globally.

“This event is a need for me because I am passionate about preserving the Yorubas culture and values. You can see the excitement on their faces.

“Their Babalawos are well grounded in the teachings of Ifa and can render the Odu-Ifa and its panegyrics like our Ifa priests do in Nigeria. They hold our gods like Sango, Ogun, Yemoja, and Obatala in high esteem,” he said.

He revealed that the people of Quilombola have designated days to celebrate these gods with colourful displays infused with plenty of aesthetics.

“They also speak Yoruba, which is one thing I love about them. It’s essential to harmonise them and show solidarity that we are part of them, are part of us. This will foster good bilateral trade between Brazil and Nigeria, and it will also put the Yoruba culture at an advantage,” Oba Adeyeye added.

According to reports, the residents of Quilombola could not hold their joy as they celebrated the delivery of the title of Yoruba territory.


History has it that Quilombola was recognised for receiving and welcoming Yoruba people, who were enslaved and forcibly removed from their base in Nigeria during the era of the slave trade in Africa.

The history of the Quilombo dates back to the 17th century.

Currently, around 580 families live in the area covering approximately 1,200 hectares. Quingoma has been recognised as a Quilombola territory by the Palmares Foundation since 2013.

The recognition of Quilombola as a Yoruba territory is regarded as another step in the fight for respect for African history.

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the smuggler was sentenced on Tuesday.

Maryland Resident Sentenced to Over Five Years in Federal Prison for Illegally Transporting Firearms with Obliterated Serial Numbers and Smuggling Firearms to Nigeria

Baltimore, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett today sentenced Eric Fru Nji, age 42, of Fort Washington, Maryland, to 63 months in federal prison, followed by two years of supervised release, for conspiracy, for transporting firearms with obliterated serial numbers, and for smuggling firearms and ammunition from the United States to Nigeria. Judge Bennett also ordered Nji to pay a fine of $25,000. Nji was convicted of those charges on May 6, 2022, along with co-defendants Wilson Nuyila Tita, age 47, of Owings Mills, Maryland and Wilson Che Fonguh, age 41, of Bowie, Maryland, after a two-week trial.

The sentence was announced by Erek L. Barron, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland; Special Agent in Charge James C. Harris of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Baltimore; and Special Agent in Charge Toni M. Crosby of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division.

According to the evidence presented at trial, from at least November 2017 through July 19, 2019, Nji and his co-defendants conspired with each other and with others to export firearms, ammunition and other military-typed items from the United States to Nigeria. Specifically, the evidence at trial established that Nji and his co-conspirators secreted 38 firearms, 28 of which had the obliterated serial numbers in a shipping container that they sent out of the Port of Baltimore in January of 2019. The guns included sniper rifles, SKS assault rifles (some with bayonets), other rifles and several handguns. There were 44 high-capacity magazines, two rifle scopes and over 35,000 rounds of ammunition. As detailed in trial testimony, Nji and his co-conspirators contributed funds for the purchase of firearms, ammunition, reloading materials and other equipment for shipping overseas to separatists fighting against the Government of Cameroon. The evidence proved that Nji and his co-conspirators concealed the firearms, ammunition, rifle scopes, and other items in duffle bags and heavily wrapped packages inside sealed compressor units, placing those items into a shipping container destined for Nigeria. Nji and his co-conspirators communicated about their efforts and plans to ship weapons and ammunitions using an on-line encrypted messaging application and code words in order to conceal their activities.

Fonguh, Tita and seven defendants charged in related cases are awaiting sentencing.

United States Attorney Erek L. Barron commended HSI and the ATF for their work in the investigation. Mr. Barron recognized the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Export Enforcement; U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service; Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, Defense Criminal Investigative Service; the Naval Criminal Investigative Service; and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service for their contributions to the investigation. U.S. Attorney Barron thanked Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen O. Gavin, who is prosecuting the case.

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