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One of the contesters for the position of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national chairmanship, Senator Sani Musa, has pledged to return Nigerian politics to the youths and entrench internal democracy within the party.

The chairman Committee on Senate Services stated this in Abuja yesterday.

He also pledged to transform the APC into a corporate entity that would be self-sustaining and independent.

He said: “I want to make the Nigerian youths owners of the country’s politics. The time has come for a total overhaul of the political system.

“What I would do differently if elected on February 26 is to initiate a kind of new order in the APC. The first thing I would do as national chairman is to bring the party to constitutionality.

“All the things happening today are due to the fact that people are not following the rules and due process.

“If today I am the leader of APC, I should be able to look you into your eyes and tell you the truth. Equity, justice and fairness should be the watchword.

“Political parties are supposed to groom leaders, but are we grooming leaders in our various parties?

“Most of the political parties today, instead of grooming leaders, will wait until the election periods and then would groom thugs thereby making our youths irrelevant.

“I want to make the Nigerian youths to own the Nigerian politics. The time has come, if countries that are more democratic can give their political space to everyone why can’t we do the same.

“Why are we always putting burdens on our governors and elected officials to bring money to fund the party?

“Political parties, when you make viable entities, should be able to stand on their own. They should be able to be self-sustaining.”

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