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The President, Irigwe Development Association (IDA) and former member Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Sunday A. Abdu has called on the Federal Government and Defence Headquarters to save rural villagers in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State from being wipe out by Fulani bandits.

Abdu in a press statement issued in Jos on Friday lamented that Miango communities in Bassa Local Government Area have been under sustained attacks since the restriction order given by government to curb COVID-19.

“While our people have continued to remain indoors and law-abiding in the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Fulani herdsmen have continued each day within the last two weeks to visit us with mayhem.

“On Wednesday, 1 April, Ancha, one of our troubled communities was visited once more with an attack that left three people dead and various houses razed. On Thursday 2 April, we woke up to bury six people burnt to death in Hukke from an overnight attack. Recently also, two young men were murdered in cold blood in Nkyiedongwro while returning from moulding bricks.

“If the government does not rise up to tackle this challenge, Irigwe land would be wiped out even before the covid-19 comes close to Plateau State.

“We want to sincerely appeal to the military authorities to – as a matter of concern and urgency – redeploy their personnel to resume security duties in our land.”

He recalled that in March, 2020 two mourners were killed at Kpenrie village three children were also killed at Gbra Zongu village on the same day.

He said: “The dastardly activities of the assailants did not only end with us, even the security personnel stationed to protect us have tested their venom when two of their comrades were murdered in cold blood.

“When this happened, we expected a more robust activity by the Operation Safe Haven to apprehend the culprits and bring their activities to a halt. But unfortunately, this ugly trend has continued.”

He noted even in the North East which has been the theatre of war with some losses incurred by the military, never is the army withdrawn. Why has our case been different? “Are we to think that we are paying the price for a crime that the Fulani herdsmen committed by killing the two soldiers in question?

“We are deeply concerned about the obvious silence of the Plateau State government over the resurgence of these hostilities on our soil. Is the government only concerned about the raging coronavirus pandemic that we are almost abandoned to the gruesome activities of the Fulani marauders?

“We want to appeal to the Plateau State government to as a matter of consolidating on the peace that the state has enjoyed for a while now, wade in by talking to the top echelon of the military to do the needful in this regard.

“We are a people of peace and work daily to ensure it is sustained in our domain and the state as a whole. Unfortunately, our people are now homeless and helpless. As we go to sleep today, only God knows which community is next in this daily rampage.”

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