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In what seemed like a desperate move, Lois Ishughun Mogen Ssnpa the estranged ex-Benue beauty Queen has publicly tendered a public apology to MrTeryange Anjovfor breaking his heart and causing him pain, on her official Facebook account.

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In addition to the apology, the ex-queen also pleaded with Mr Teryange Anjov to take him back as a lover and accused Mee Felix Shagbaor of leading her astray during her NYSC year.

She wrote: “Dear Barrister Teryange Anjov,

It is indeed true the saying that one doesn’t value what one has until it slips out of ones hands.

I am a testimony, a better testimony. Your kind on this earth is rare. You are an angel in human form and I won’t hesitate to say this boldly for the whole world to know. your kind heartedness, tolerance , care is next to none .

“If anyone should tell a better story of who you are, that person should be me, because I have enjoyed your love both in chunks and bits, I had found solace in you even as you gave me every reason to see life through another lens. Most of my life’s beautiful moments were those which I shared with you, and I’ll live to preserve those memories.

I know I haven’t lived up to expectation in reciprocating the love you’ve shown me rather it would be right to say I have betrayed your trust and the love you wholeheartedly gave me without second thoughts. I am not proud of my myself for doing all these to you.

Dear sweetheart, I know there is no second opportunity to make a first impression, but I am begging you to consider giving me an opportunity to correct my first.

I have erred for allowing Mee Felix Shagbaor lead me astray from the beautiful life which we planned and the lovely moments we envisaged, but I have found a quiet time to advice myself to do the right thing now which I believe it’s never too late.

I know it is a difficult one but I am begging you in the name of God and before the whole world that you find a place in your kind heart to forgive me for betraying us, for allowing a third party to destroy our relationship and for hurting you so badly and deeply. This apology is from my heart of hearts and I am not compelled by anybody or motivated by anything to apologize to you except the fact that I have realized my mistakes and how much I have wronged you, a loving, caring and harmless soul.

I am truly sorry sweetheart, please dear, do forgive me. You mean the whole world to me so please allow me another chance into your heart, the place where I truly belong and I promise you to be everything you had always wanted me to be before the devil came in through me and destroyed everything. You are priceless, invaluable , irreplaceable and one in a million. Please, Iam truly sorry , forgive me and grant me another chance to make things right one more time.

To my friends I have disappointed by my actions, Iam truly sorry . Please find a place in your heart to forgive me too. I know it’s because of your Iove for me that you went against my action when I was been deceived and lead astray by the devil . I am truly sorry . Iam still that same girl you love”.

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