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Okechukwu Eziulo Esq once die hard supporter of Engr. Dave Umahi and member All Progressive Congress in Ebonyi State has left the party citing nonchalance, greed and uncontrollable acquisitiveness as his reasons for leaving the ruling party.

According to the lawyer, ‘Democracy is widely known to be about people for people, not family for family’.

Whereas I had maintained a very strong support for APC since before 2019, the party I had always supported so much that I was seen as an enemy by my close friends and family members, just to maintain my stance.

I realized lately that the party I was ready to die for is not people oriented , the leaders in the state are too undemocratic and economical with the truth; right from the governorship primary that brought Sen. Ogbu oji to as our flag bearer in the state, the level of deceitfulness that was exhibited was too childish and most unflattering, the trade by barter was too glaring, when Sen. Ogbu Orji, Sen. Ucha as an umpire did their fairylike, with the help of Hon. Chinedu Oga as a lines man, the product became what we have now as, Engr. David Umahi .

I do not see any future in the party under the current leadership of the governor, who sees the party as his personal enterprise, using people as robots and creating rancor in families and camps. The level of his hide and seek methodology is naïve and repulsive, why think that Ebonyians are brain dead.

Before his current melee with PDP, am aware he planned to give the senatorial ticket to his brother, while he maintain his presidential moves; I supported him very well before because, we needed to support a change that was necessary then, I even wished him to be the next president of Nigeria based on his rapid developmental projects and transformation, but leadership is beyond phony developments.

I know that the next governor will encounter more to maintain most of these wonderful projects, the fact that he has done well in the eyes of gullible many is there, but to those that know, his personal interest in these projects supersedes that of the state, concrete work is his core area of specialization and it’s the Conduit pipe for unquantifiable budgets.

How many industries do we have in the state that creates employment? Anambra state is glowing with the investments Mr. Peter Obi left for the state ; the beautiful flyovers are not productive, the cosmetic nature of some of his projects looks like kindergartens playground in Polo field in Enugu, which has to be maintained every time for children’s delights.

His acquisitive tendency is like that of Jagaban of Lagos; must everything be corned to him and his family? The market built by His Excellency, Chief Martins Elechi as Ebonyi International market has been renamed after his mother, not even to any renowned politicians like Offia Nwali, Ajanchukwu and other in the state.

Is it that his predecessor did not have a mother that made him to name it Ebonyi International market?, very soon, he will start endorsing candidates for 2023, we need democratic primary elections, not selection of candidates.

We should thank God that the long overdue pensions and gratuity of civil servants has been remembered because of the slight check by PDP, promotions of civil servants which has been in coma for the past seven years was also mentioned because Rt. Hon. Iduma Igariwey and other PDP members tried to cut him to size.

We should all say no to endorsement of his candidates on Eboyians.

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