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…Demands 1.5 billion from Ex-lawmaker, 500 million from Deputy nominee

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State and his influencial brother, Frank may have finally chosen a successor ahead of the 2023 general elections if information at the disposal of this newspaper is anything to go by.

The Governor and his brother have been discretely searching for who would succeed him as his 8 years term at Peregrino house slowly but steadily winds down and after so many considerations, they are said to have zeroed in on a former Federal lawmaker,Senator Bassey Otu.

The choice of Prince Otu beyond every other consideration sources say was hinged on his friendly disposition to the Ayades and does not pass to them as someone who would witchhunt them when they eventually leave office.

However, the Ex-Senator cannot just get the support of the first family at a platter. Our source says he has been asked to provide an initial sum of 1.5 billion while a serving Commissioner from Central who is been tipped as deputy governor is to provide 500 million. Even though the purpose of this money is yet to be ascertained, it is believed that it is some kind of settlement to the family.

Another Agreement that has been said to be entered with Prince Otu is that,he is never going to go after the governor or any of his family members or their properties our souce said.

” You know,One of their biggest fear after leaving office is being hunted by EFCC considering the monumental fraud the administration has been noted for. They must secure the illegal lands they have fraudulenly acquired across the State”

The Governor’s brother who is simply known and addressed as Dr Frank is poised to install Prince Otu as Governor as he believes only him can continue to keep him relevant and influencial after the expiration of his brother’s administration as against other aspirants including his brother’s bosom friend, Chris Agara who he says does not respect and acknowledge him whatsoever.

Since after leaving the Senate,Prince Bassey Otu has been struggling to remain relevant. It remains to be seen if he still has such an amount having been out of government for so long.

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