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Gospel singer Jotta A who shot to fame in 2012 after performing a rendition of Agnus Dei by Michael W Smith on Brazilian kid talent show is now part of the LGBTQ community.

For the past few years on social media, the former Christian singer Jotta A has been sharing photos of himself dressed as a Drag Queen and more recently as a female.

Jotta was raised in the church wjere his parents pushed him to purse a career as gospel singer due to the evident grace of God on his life.

The singer released Christian albums up until 2020. The artist then revealed to his fans via posts that he identifies with the LGBTQ COMMUNITY.

Jotta A has chosen to renounce his Christian faith, values and ministry call on his life to follow new found freedom as a transgender female.

Jotta A hails from Brazil where he became a gospel singer child star.

He also used travel to the U.K. to minister in songs at various churches.

The gospel music ministry is shocked by the news because Jotta A has a call on his life. Each time he sings people are drawn to worship God as most his songs touches people.

Another child of God has been taken by the world and it’s lusts.

The Bible states that infeminates, homosexuals will have no place in heaven.

The time to pray for lost souls have come. The true test of evangelism begins to witness to the lost.

Jotta A is the example that falling from grace and being deceived by the world can happen to anyone.

Nobody could believe that the gospel artiste Jotta A who sung praises to God would turn away from God.

Jotta A is no longer a Christian and is now working on surgery to completely transition as a female.

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