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One of the very few married contestants in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season, Niyi, has revealed that Angel had made advances at him five times while he was in the shower.

In a Diary Session on Friday, day 13 of the show, Big Brother asked Niyi about the effect of his marriage on his participation and interaction with other housemates.

The married housemate revealed that some of the housemates have put him in uncomfortable situations, making mention of Beatrice and Angel.

Niyi in ‘uncomfortable situations’
When asked to explain further, Niyi said, “I’ve had a time where people put me in uncomfortable situations, the likes of Beatrice and Angel. But I think it’s just coming from a place of trying to tease me to see how strong I am.”

He explained that Beatrice had made advances at him a couple of times telling him that she wants to be with him and that his wife will understand, and she (Beatrice) doesn’t even care.

“At first, I could always wave those advances and made her know how serious the situation is, like ‘I’m married and I hope you respect that’. But with time, I just felt that it was something I’ll have to deal with.”

As for Angel, he claimed that she always approached him in the shower even if it is a private place and she doesn’t want to have a bath.

He said, “Angel has been able to make advances at me five times when I was in the shower, just to come in, even if she doesn’t want to have her bath. So that’s another thing that I’ve been looking at but I said ‘No, I can’t do this with her.’”

Niyi also revealed that because of his marital status, the rest of the housemates had seen him as a relationship expert, coming to him with their issues and asking for advice.

According to him, that has changed because he has made it clear that he came to play the game, just like them.

He told Biggie that even if he were single, he would play the game the same way as he is playing it.

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