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By Mary Abazuo

Former Big Brother Naija star and business woman, Abiri Oluwabusayomi, popularly known as Khloe has recounted her experience which was similar with the Bamise death case with an Uber driver on Lagos State.

Reflecting on the recent murder of a 22 year old fashion designer, Oluwabamise Ayanwola in a BRT bus, the star took to her social media to detail how similar thing almost happened to her.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, Khloe narrated how she boarded an Uber ride from a driver whose car smelled of weed and menstrual blood.
Kloe wrote, “I had an experience with a Uber guy the day I was travelling and he dropped me on the main road by Farmcity because I faked a call to my sister.

“He had a knife under his leg, his car was smelling like menstrual blood and weed, the whole radio part was removed and stuffed with clothes and he locked the car from his side.

“As we were approaching Farmcity and I told him to remove the child lock and he started acting really weird. Then I sent my sister a message and started forming calls like my sister was driving behind us, was talking about his car and how he’s acting.

“Then he made a U-turn, parked, unlock the car and asked me to get out.”
She continued by lamenting on the bad state of the Nigerian security system, she wrote, “What a country. How can a whole Nigeria not have a surveillance camera on every corner???? At least it can help us navigate some horrible incident?” she queried.

“How can you just not care about us? How can our security system always fail us? Why do we have to die untimely in the hands of our fellow humans?”

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