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Eze Sampson, Abuja

The just concluded APC convention at the Eagle Square Abuja was another good time for the people of Ebonyi State especially the breeds from the ruling party the APC, like a tangerine Ebonyi State is ripe not just for the world to see but to the exploration of all especially due to the present lopsided political and infrastructural deficiency among many states within our national system.

The project UMAHI FOR PRESIDENT has turned a volcanic bomb and the 36 states, the FCT inclusive felt it thunderous eruption at the just concluded All Progressive Congress National Convention.
Apart from Party convention as organised by the APC it was another opportunity for individuals with higher and existing political interest to test their popularity and the infrastructural bulldozer, Gov. Dave Umahi shone like a million stars, to the shock of many who never saw it coming with his presidential ambition.

Engr. Dave Umahi led other prominent Ebonyi State members and APC stalwarts, like a storm they ravaged the filled-to-the-brim eagle square at Federal Secrateriate.

The national event monitored by divers media houses including, Arise TV, Estreet TV, and others saw other states and party members responding to the echo of APC- UMAHI IS THE ANSWER as well as dancing to the tune of Ebonyi State band.

When Gov. Dave Umahi with his entourage rose to acquaint with other states at their sited locations, like fowls that suddenly saw corn-seeds you could see the excitement on their faces filled with keen expectations to meet and have a closer look at the man they have heard so much about prior to his superlative performance in the last seven years ii Ebonyi State.

At intervals they were heart warming hugs, handshakes and reciprocative wave of hands from the vibrating crowd to Gov. Dave Umahi and various dignitaries from other states as Ebonyi State troop approached their stand. They handshakes were deep, hugs full of assurance and smiles welcoming enough to erase every iota of doubt in the credibility of the man Umahi as a national personality.

Without doubts Ebonyi State is out, ready and Gov. Dave Umahi is the captain of our winning team without mincing words the mistake will be monumental if for any reason be it of group or personal intended to substitute the governor from this team.


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