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By Mary Abazuo

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has urged Nollywood film producers to thrive so as to produce internationally competitive movies that will eventually boost the economy of the country.

The Minister who stressed his love to always support the movie producers whenever they needed train noted this in Abuja when he welcomed the Chief Executive of Native Media, Mr Rogers Ofime and his crew members on their appreciation visit.

Amaechi vowed to support the shooting of  ‘Conversations in Transit’, a contemporary gritty romantic comedy and other movies as according to him it will promote the image of the country and showcase the infrastructural development that the Buharo administration has achieved.
He said, “We have to do this because what the president is doing in infrastructure should be shown to the world.

“The president has improved on infrastructure and railway is one of them. We have to grant them that approval of using the train. So that the world we know that we are delivering on our campaign promises.”
Amaechi continued, “We will continue to improve our infrastructure to make the society grow. Road and railway deal with issue of logistics, even if you manufacture you need better infrastructure.
“The film project is a beautiful idea; it will engage the people meaningfully, provide entertainment and grow the economy.

“We are happy they are doing it and that is why we will be willing to always grant them approval of the train anytime they wish to use it.
“Film makers should improve on what they are doing. The quality of anything you are doing is essential. They have continued to grow with time.
“Improving to become world best is not rocket science. They can be the best in the world with much commitment.” 

Ofime who visited the Minister, noting how his inspiration for the movie sprung up and thanking Amaechi said, “When I came to Nigeria from Canada, what actually fascinated me was the train ride from Lagos to Ibadan and that actually informed the project I am doing.

“One is to showcase the achievement of the administration and also to let people know of another means of transportation which is very wonderful.
”People have been taking the train ride and the feedback has been really great.”

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