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The attempt to label Peter Obi’s presidential bid as a purely Igbo project is mischievous. Igbos are among the most Republican set of Nigerians you can find anywhere. They don’t believe in bandwagon, because they are fiercely independent minded and cannot allow themselves to be railroaded into a project without been convinced about it.

There is no doubt about the fact that Peter Obi will win easily across most parts of Nigeria, because of his undeniable appeal to majority of Nigerians, especially, all Nigerian patriots; those who truly love Nigeria and want her rescued from the grip of bad governance. These individuals cut across all tribes, religions and political Parties.

There are thousands of Igbos who will not be voting for Peter Obi, the same way there are millions of Yorubas who will not vote for Bola Tinubu and more millions of Hausa-Fulani who will not be voting for Atiku Abubakar. And these individuals do not become bad or irresponsible merely because they have chosen a different political path.

Peter Obi does not encourage the suppression of choices or harassment of those who do not support his ambition no matter where such individuals come from. At every turn, he has continued to advocate for logical engagements and healthy debates to convince those who might have their doubts about his promises over to his side.

Peter Obi is the candidate of the people, the candidate of long-suffering and persecuted Nigerians who have watched their country consistently betrayed by those they trusted to harness the country’s true potentials for growth and greatness and the candidate of every true patriot who desires to see a working, prosperous and equitable Nigeria.

While Igbo votes are significant enough, we cannot deluxe ourselves by thinking that those votes are enough to make Peter Obi President. This is why Peter Obi has visited more States outside Igbo land and visited more statesmen and political leaders who are not Igbo.

If you look around enough, you will agree with me that Peter Obi is actually the only truly pan Nigerian presidential candidate in the midst of all those who have presented themselves for post at this time. While his tribe has the most compelling case on the bases of equity, Peter Obi has carefully avoided talking about this, but we actually have a candidate who won his Presidential nomination by claiming that it is the turn of “Yorubas” and among Yorubas it is his personal turn.

For Peter Obi, if the campaign must be based on whose turn it is, it is actually the turn of Nigerians. It is the turn of good governance, it is the turn of ordinary Nigerians and it is the time of probity.

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