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By Don Seth

Few days ago i watched in dismay as Igbos within the social media space took a swipe on Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo ‘s Son.

I felt terribly hurt. I wouldn’t have given a damn if the venom was being dished out by random people or other tribes, but I felt chill down my spine when I noticed that this young genius was being bashed across Igbo social media groups and pages by majorly Igbos.

Young Igbos took it upon themselves to drop stinkers on virtually every single comment section across social media platforms.

Immediately, I headed to Spotify in search of Ozonna , I was swept off my feet listening to this young genius.

Dude could be compared to the Jidenna and Justin Bieber of this world in the making.

Immediately I added his his entire catalogue to my playlist.

In as much as he needs a little touch here and there, but you can’t remove the fact that he is a genius and he is more musically sound than most of our celebrated Nigerian A list artistes.

Igbos in 21st century should understand that times are changing and everyone must not find their destinies in upper iweka, Ariara, ochanja, Nkwo Nnewi, idumota, Alaba and what have you.
Igbos should understand that these days Iberibe na enye onye Ara moral.

The likes of Naira Marley, Zalatan, portable, Boby Risky, Denrele, and co might not have made a head way in the entertainment industry and music if they were Igbos.

Their career would have di*d long before they got started.

I watched with utmost amazement how the Yoruba elites rallied round Naira Marley when he got started despite how controversial he was, even after having EFCC issue and couple of other police problems.

Dude’s career would have taking a nose dive if he was to be an Igbo artiste.
But surprisingly, that was exactly the time almost all Yoruba elites Stood by his brand.

Do I need to mention that even banks and other cooperate organisations booked him during their end of year parties.

I was shocked when RMD publicly said that his entire family were marlians.

Chief Dele momodu took out time to write how a genius he was on several occasions.

Wizkid and Davido dropped their differences and publicly tag themselves and family marlians.

Tiwa salvage wasn’t left behind.
Not minding that Naira’s music wasn’t really “clean”, but they stood behind him.

These people understood the economic importance of growing that brand, they know that tens of other super stars will emmmerged if Naira should stand and it happened eventually.

It’s on record that it was Igbos that spearheaded the campaign of calumny against White money’s music. Some of us who had a different view about him were fought to a stand still.
I woke up this morning to the news of portable visiting a well respected Yoruba monarch and you don’t know what that means to his brand.

Ndi Igbo, Obodo gbuo Ihe ha ji di ebube, nke ha na eme agwu.

My name is Real Donseth Beat , your number 1 music business plug in Nigeria.


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