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A human rights activist, Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna has urged all Igbos to be careful of the political promises of High Chief Raymond Dokpesi concerning the Igbo Presidency project.

Dokpesi, the technical committee, Atiku Abubakar presidential campaign, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, in Umuahia, Abia State capital solicited support for a one-term presidency for the former vice president from the South-East.

He said if elected, Atiku would rule for a single term of four years, which would pave way for the South-East to produce the president in 2027.
He maintained that Atiku, who hails from the North-East geo-political zone is the right person to wrestle power from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dokpesi revealed that the PDP zoning arrangement was not honoured during the 2015 presidential elections, and consequently, the party went into the election with a divided house and lost.

He assured all that the PDP had to give the North another chance to complete its four years in the presidency to wrestle power from the APC in 2023. He assured that the PDP would zone the presidency to the South-East and ensure that the zone produces the President in 2027
Reacting to Dokpesi promises, Emperor urged Ndigbo to be very careful with promises coming from Dokpesi, stressing that his antecedents with promises, especially with his business does not speak well of him.

He said, “We bought shares in DAAR Communications PLC, owners of AIT. We also bought shares in DAAR Holdings. Before we bought these shares, Raymond Dokpesi told us that he and his company shall establish African Independent Television (AIT) in all state capitals in Nigeria. We believed him.
“I personally used all the money I saved as a young lawyer to buy those shares. Years after buying those shares, I have not seen even a kobo from AIT as dividends. DAAR Holding has not even given me a share certificate.

“I am not alone in this, millions of Nigerians. Yet we see AIT doing business on TV, yet we the owners have not been getting a dime. “Yet Raymond Dokpesi would have the effrontery to tell Nigerians that Atiku will do one tenure and hand over to an Igbo. “A man who we all beloved in, and gave him our money. He could not keep his promise but is enjoying our sweat.

“If he cannot keep his promise on our money, how do we believe him with our votes?
“If Nigeria had been a sane country, people like Raymond Dokpesi would have been made to account for every single kobo he used his company to extract from me and other Nigerians. “He is living big with our money and talking all those things. But Nigeria is the way it is today, and Dokpesi is still talking.”

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