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Some Nigerians in Dublin, Ireland have thrown their weight behind the presidential bid of former Lagos Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.
They said the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is a highly experienced and internationally exposed politician and leader who has all it takes to lead the country.

They spoke in a statement by the Convener, Tinubu Support Group Ireland, Nosa Aigbokhan on Thursday in Abuja.

The statement reads: “As it stands, Nigeria is too divided to have somebody without experience and the right contacts both national and international. The office of the president is not an experimental lab
where people will come and learn on the job. We need somebody who can heal the hate and division across ethnic and religious lines. We want a President who will groom the next generation of leaders from his cabinets.

“We expect to have a president that will be able to assemble a team within a week, a team that he knows, that he trusts, a team that comes from his political school of thought and not borrowed team, a team that has worked with him in public and private space and performed exceptionally.

A team that cut across tribes gender, religion and ethnic lines. “Tinubu is the only aspirant that has a database of talents, strategists and innovators to choose from and I urge every young Nigerian with expertise from any sector in Nigeria that is crying for attention to key into Tinubu’s talents bank. Tinubu is a detribalise Nigerian that has contact and strong influence across the nation.

“Nigerians need Tinubu’s experience in the developmental affair, and his global contacts. His giant strides in Lagos State even in the face of federal persecution when Lagos state was denied state allocations for years is a testimony to his judicious use of scarce resources. Tinubu was battered politically still, Lagos was moving forward, and infrastructures were springing up and salaries were never owned.”

The Convener noted that with his international connections and expertise in the tourism sector, Nigeria under Tinubu will become a tourist hub, spinning billions of Naira for the Nigerian economy.

“I am a tourism expert and part of the management team of one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, ready to work for Tinubu to fix Nigeria’s tourism sector. Tourism does not need a budget after take off as it is self-sustaining. Currently, Nigeria only appoints a minister of culture which doesn’t add up as we cannot sell our culture but we can sell our tourism to showcase our culture,” the statement added.

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